Saudi Sicli Medical

Saudi Sicli for Medical Equipment is a Division of Saudi Sicli Co, a company with established presence in the Saudi market. Saudi Sicli for Medical Equipments aims to provide quality health care solutions in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, particularly in the areas of vascular surgery , interventional radiology ( especially vascular and cardiac ) and general surgery

We aim to be among the top provides of medical equipments and services. The medical equipment division, represents a new venture for the parent company, Saudi Sicli Co. Our blend of long established market presence, exceptional excellence, service oriented culture, and dedication to make a big impact on the medical field positions us well for success. Saudi Sicli Company was established in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in 1979. It provided and continues to provide a wide range of fire & safety related SOLUTION and services. During these years, Saudi Sicli, managed to work with virtually all major governmental agencies and key players in the private sector. Working closely with public and private clients based on delivering superior dependable service, we gained a market reputation that proceeds us. In addition, we gained valuable relations and contacts that adds to our competitive advantage. This new venture into the medical field is based on careful study and analysis of the potential for the medical market in KSA. We aim to take advantage of the competences we built over time such as manufacturing, project management, sales and marketing, and client relationship management and apply them to the medical field. Our core competency, however, is proving excellent customer service. We plan to bring this core competency to the medical field where it is critical for all stakeholders.

We do not want to be just a distributor or seller of SOLUTION. Rather, we want to build relationships that go beyond the transaction.